About SPCA Kota Kinabalu

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SPCA Kota Kinabalu Office Location Map SPCA Kota Kinabalu Office Location Map Click on map to enlarge

Administrative Department
SPCA Kota Kinabalu,
(administration and donations only)
Borneobest House,
Lot 3A12, Level 3,
Central Shopping Plaza,
Jalan Banjaran,
88200 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabab, Malaysia.

SPCA Kota Kinabalu Animal Shelter Location Map SPCA Kota Kinabalu Animal Shelter Location Map Click on map to enlarge

Animal Shelter
SPCA Kota Kinabalu,
Kg Lomunu,
Sabah, Malaysia.

Operation Hours:
Monday to Sunday
10am - 5pm

Sunday & Public Holiday
(By appointment only)

English/Malay Language
(9am - 4pm only)

Chinese Language
(12:30pm - 2:30pm only)

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The SPCA Kota Kinabalu values your comments, questions and concerns and makes it a priority to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.

Please provide your contact information along with your reason for contacting us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Reporting cruelty checklist

Read our checklist

Take a note of what you've seen, using the checklist below, and then call our hotline 013-8569100 (0900 to 1600 hours only). Anonymous calls will not be entertained. You will be asked to give a detailed description of what you have seen or heard, so be ready to give the following information.

  • Your own name, address and telephone number for our records.
    It is SPCAKK policy to treat all complaints in the strictest confidence. Your name will not be disclosed without your permission, but the SPCAKK inspector will need to contact you if you want to know about the result of his or her investigation. Please note that this may only be when the investigation has been concluded.

  • The date, time and place of the offence.
    Photographs showing the cruelty involved may provide vital evidence in a prosecution case. If by any chance you have a camera to hand and it is safe for you to use it, please do - mention this to the controller who handles your call.

  • Our controller will need to ask you a series of questions about the animal(s) involved to establish the full situation.
    These will relate to what you have seen in relation to the animal's environment and its bodily condition. The SPCAKK believes that the basic welfare of all animals must take into account the 'Five Freedoms'. These are:
    - freedom from hunger and thirst
    - freedom from discomfort
    - freedom from pain, injury or disease
    - freedom to express normal behaviour
    - freedom from fear and distress.

  • If known, the name(s) and address(es) of the person(s) involved.

  • The names and addresses of any witnesses.

  • The registration number and description of any vehicle involved.