Volunteering for SPCA KK

List of volunteers we need.

1. Shelter Works

  1. Housekeeping – cleaning animal cages/kennels and washing utensils/equipments and removing waste materials.
  2. Outdoor maintenance – gardening (cutting grass and pruning trees) and cleaning drains.
  3. Building maintenance – building repair and painting works.
  4. Providing transportation for food collection and delivery of animals to foster family and adopters.
  5. Animal grooming.
  6. Walking animals.

2. Publicity and Education

  1. Photographers taking pictures of animals for adoption and fundraising.
  2. Writers for educational material, press releases and Facebook stories.
  3. Speakers for giving educational talks.
  4. Membership recruitment.
  5. Event organizers – fundraising and animal welfare awareness roadshow.
  6. Graphic designer to design posters for events and educational material.

3. Legal Aide

  1. Provide advice on legal matters such as animal abuse/cruelty cases.

4. Volunteer Veterinarian

  1. General treatments for shelter animals.
  2. Sterilization of dogs and cats.
  3. General surgery.

5. Animal Rescue Volunteers

  1. Assist SPCA KK rescuers to help in rescuing animals.
  2. To help in transporting the rescued animals to vet clinics, shelters, fosters, and adopters.

~ End ~